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Apartments for sale Nessebar

Apartments for sale NessebarThings you need to know about the city before getting apartments for sale Nessebar

Nessebar is the oldest city in Bulgaria with more than one hundred years of history. Convenient location - 25 km from the large city of Burgas and just 4 km from the largest sea resort of Sunny Beach - along with numerous architectural monuments make the city popular among tourists and property buyers. Nessebar is an ancient city, consisting of two parts - the New and Old Town. In the New part all buildings are made in a new-fashioned style. Here you can get apartments for sale Nessebar with a view of the magnificent architectural structures of the Old Town or the picturesque Sunny Beach resort.

Top reasons why you should get apartment for sale Nessebar

Nessebar deservedly enjoys the love and popularity of one of the best resorts of the Bulgarian coast. The city consists of two parts. The new part is on the mainland, and the Old Town is majestically stretched on the peninsula. The path to the Old Town lies on the dam. It also houses a strange mill, which is present on photographs of every tourist, who has ever visited Bulgaria. The old part of the city is not big, it can be bypassed at a time, but here you can walk along the ancient cobblestones of the pavements and drink coffee in one of the cozy cafes.

Apartments for sale in Nessebar: secondary housing market

If you are interested in a secondary housing in Nessebar, then a very careful study of the New City should enter your plan of visiting this resort. Housing complexes in this city have romantic own names - Perla (Pearl), Aurelia or Mladost. The quality and comfort of the objects entirely correspond to the exquisite names. After buying your own property in Nessebar, you will be much more likely to visit this amazingly beautiful city. You can devote time to examining frescoes in old churches, well preserved due to the constant care for them.

Specificity of apartments for sale in Nessebar

The real estate market is full of variety of offers. Popular property in Nessebar, located in new buildings, closed complexes on the first line, where there is everything necessary for a full and comfortable stay by the sea. For those, who are limited in the budget, inexpensive apartments in Nessebar located on the outskirts of the city will be perfect. On the outskirts of a small historic town of Nessebar there are sold houses at low prices from the builder. If you want to have your own apartment in this amazing city, check the following link:
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