Citizenship in the Republic of Bulgaria

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Citizenship in the Republic of Bulgaria

Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship sounds really attractive. In any case, in 2007 the country became a member of the European Union, and soon it is expected to be admitted to the Schengen Area. Bulgarian citizens can freely cross the borders of the countries in the European Union. For some, Bulgarian citizenship is a possibility in its own for further immigration in other countries.

It cannot be maintained, though, that the procedure for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship is easy.

The grounds for obtaining citizenship are only a few and are specified in Bulgarian Citizenship Act:

1.Origin (where at least one of the parents is a Bulgarian citizen);

2.Place of birth in the territory of Bulgaria;

3.Naturalisation (this means that the applicant has resided in Bulgaria  for 5 years with a long-term residence permit, after which he/she has resided for 5 years with a permanent residence permit);

4.In particular cases, Bulgarian citizenship can be obtained for creative, scientific, sports and other services rendered to the country.


The Bulgarian citizenship applicant must be born in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, or must have Bulgarian origin. In the event you do not match any of these two criteria, you need to think of the grounds on which you can obtain a permit for long-term, and therefrom for permanent residence in Bulgaria.


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