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Immigration in Bulgaria

Immigration in Bulgaria – there are numerous reasons for which the country may be chosen as a destination for immigration.

Some of them include the open-mindedness and benevolence of the Bulgarians, the rich historical background. Also attractive is the fact that Bulgaria has been a member of the European Union since 2007, which guarantees its gradual economic development.
In Bulgaria you can easily start your own business, purchase a dwelling at a reasonable price, your children can go to universities offering European level of education. In addition, here nature is beautiful, there is a sea, mountains and clean air.
Immigration in Bulgaria is connected with a number of positive changes in life. Bulgaria is a European country with progressing economy and stable legislation defending the human rights, and visa facilitation for owners of real properties in the country opens a good perspective for those willing to come on holiday here for a long period of time.
More often foreign pensioners choose namely Bulgaria for permanent residence and this choice is facilitated not only by the mild climate, peaceful life and ecology, but also by the fact that for pensioners the regime for obtaining a residence permit is simplified.


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