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Medical care in Bulgaria

The modern system of compulsory health insurance is regulated by the Health Insurance Act (Medical Care Act) (1998).
The compulsory health insurance system was created as a state monopoly. After the reforms taking place in the country, most healthcare institutions were transformed into private, municipal and state ones. The number of the general practitioners (the so called “family doctors”) also increased.
In Bulgaria, the following persons have the right to free use of medical care:

- Bulgarian nationals;
- Foreign nationals with permanent residence in the country;
- Foreign nationals holding a long-term residence permit, who legally work in the territory of Bulgaria and pay their monthly health insurance contributions to the Health Insurance fund.


Foreign nationals with short-term residence in Bulgaria are not entitled to free medical aid.
The tourists arriving in Bulgaria on holiday shall take out insurance for the entire term of their stay (its amount is different and depends on the age of the traveller and the amount of the insurance coverage). If such insurance is present, the medical cares included in the list of guaranteed medical cares, are free. All expenses for the aforementioned types of cares in this case are covered by the insurance company. The availability of medical insurance is compulsory upon the submission of the application for a tourist visa.

In addition, the large insurance companies more and more often offer international medical insurance bargains, in which the client can choose the “territory of the coverage”, for example, Russia and Europe, by themselves. Such an insurance contract can be concluded for a term of one year and the medical care can be used in countries preferred by the insured person. This option is convenient to those who travel a lot.
When discussing medicine in Bulgaria, it is worth mentioning that the county offers a great deal of opportunities for balneological treatment. Its territory has an abundance of mineral springs and mudbaths, allowing the treatment of a number of diseases.

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