Prices of real properties in Bulgaria

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Prices of real properties in Bulgaria

Most real property markets all over the world managed to bottom out and are now in a period of upswing. This also applies to the real property market in Bulgaria.

The end of 2010 marked the close of the first decade of the active existence of the real property market in Bulgaria. This was a dynamic decade in which we witnessed the boom in the real property sector, after which a certain drop in prices followed, caused by the global crisis in 2008-2009. The year 2010 brought stability to the real property market in Bulgaria and in the new decade it entered a period of stabilization and greater maturity.

Since 1 January 2008, after its accession to the European Union, Bulgaria had to accept new rules: now the construction within the one-hundred metre zone from the coast is prohibited, at 300 m from the coast the height of the buildings may not exceed three floors, and only five floors are allowed in the 500-metre zone. Such limitations are certain to cause increase in the construction prime cost. In addition, prices are also affected by the natural restrictions: the length of the beach in Bulgaria is only about 70 km. As early as the time of socialism, beaches in Bulgaria were taken to the maximum – the investments in communications and networks were considerable. That is why the rocky coast, especially along the North Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, lacking technical infrastructure, could hardly attract developers and buyers today. In Bulgaria there are wonderful places which some day will be developed. However, the construction of communications to them will make the projects so expensive that the building of cheap dwellings will be simply unprofitable. Respectively, the value of the ready complexes will gradually increase, following the market trends.
The prices of the real properties are determined by a number of factors:

  • location: distance from the sea (1, 2, 3 line and farther), prestige of the very region or resort, proximity to natural parks, intensity of the development of the given region, etc.;
  • quality of construction: used materials and compliance of the construction works with the legal requirements;
  • infrastructure of the property and adjacent infrastructure: what facilities are available in the building itself (security, car park, open areas, swimming pool, SPA centre, children playgrounds, etc.), and what conveniences there are nearby (transport, shops, medical centres, schools, etc.).

As at today, the average prices of real properties in the different resorts in Bulgaria are as follows:



Golden Sands

1 200 EUR/sq.m

Ss. Constantine and Helena

1 000 EUR/sq.m


900 EUR/sq.m


700 EUR/sq.m

Saint Vlas

1 000 EUR/sq.m

Sunny Beach

700 EUR/sq.m


2,000 EUR/m2 near Old Nessebar and 600 EUR/m2 – in the modern part of the town


1100 EUR/sq.m


800 EUR/sq.m


It is very difficult to determine the average price by square metre by regions, as there are properties with lower liquidity (whose price is below the average prices for the region), but there are also highly liquid offers (whose price exceeds the average one in the market). Based on our experience, we can help you orientate yourself in the diversity of prices and offers, so that you can make the right choice according to your preferences and budget.




Up to 20,000 Euros

Studio 30-40 m2: Sunny Beach (3rd line), Kosharitsa, Ravda. By rule, dwellings in this range have either unfavourable location (1.5-2 km from the sea) or of lower quality of construction, or with no developed infrastructure.

House to be demolished, distance from the sea over 70 km. Possible, in the central part of Bulgaria (not among the most favourable ones in economic respect). Non-liquid properties in scarcely populated areas.

Up to 50,000 Euros

Studio flat 30-40 m2: Golden Sands, Ss. Constantine and Helena, Varna, Byala, Obzor, St. Vlas, Sunny Beach, Ravda, Sozopol

One-bedroom flat 40-60 m2: region Albena, Varna (residential building), St. Vlas, Elenite, Sunny Beach, Ravda, Sozopol (in the suburbs), Obzor, Byala

House with old building, in need of repair, distance from the sea over 20 km. Poorly developed adjacent infrastructure. Purchase of a prefabricated house under Canadian technology also possible within this budget.

Up to 100,000 Euros

Studio flat 40-60 m2 in first-line luxurious complexes in the good resorts with panoramic view of the sea.

One-bedroom flat 50-70 m2, first- or second-line 5-star complexes on 1st ot 2nd line
Golden Sands, Ss. Constantine and Helena, Varna, Byala, Obzor, St. Vlas, Sunny Beach, Ravda, Sozopol.

Two-bedroom flat 60-90 m2: second- or third-line complexes in the towns:  Byala, Obzor, St. Vlas, Sunny Beach, Ravda.

House located 3-4 km from the sea, in good condition. Within a rural settlement, with a yard. The property may have a swimming pool and additional conveniences. Cosmetic repair may be performed if necessary. Within this budget, you may consider offers in closed-type settlements and townhouse-type houses, which are easier to maintain.

Up to 150,000 Euros

One-bedroom flat 50-70 m2 в in luxurious 1st line complexes with panoramic sea views.

Two-bedroom flat 60-90 m2 – reputable complexes in renowned resorts, 1-2 line

House near the sea in good condition, with a large plot, from 1 to 3 floors. Planned locality (in a Varna or Bourgas suburb or a villa settlement). Villas in elite complexes.

From 150,000 Euros

Elite real properties: from studio flats to 2-3 bedroom flats, and also maisonettes and penthouses. On the first line of the most prestigious complexes on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Highly liquid properties.

Newly-built houses. Within walking distance from the sea in a resort area or “townhouse”, they do not require extra investments.


If you are interested in specific prices of properties, the real property market trends or you need advice on the purchase of a property – please complete the contact form and we will contact you to clarify matters completely!

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