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Our company provides full range of services to its customers. We will consult you in the preliminary stage of study of the country and the real property, and will also assist you with the organisation of viewings in Bulgaria, cooperate for the notarial certification of the transaction. After the purchase, you can rely on us again in every situation, be it repair or furnishing of a dwelling, or car purchase and renting, etc.



If you wish to be consulted by our specialists, please complete the contact form below and we will contact you to answer in detail all your questions related to:


- completion of documents for the title over real properties and conveyancing;

- obtaining a long-term or permanent residence permit, citizenship in Bulgaria;

- starting a company;

- accounting services for companies;

- real property insurance;

- loans for real properties.


What you need to know about the purchase of a real property in Bulgaria


Legal advice


Which document proves that the flat is free of any mortgage?

The certificate of encumbrance. This document is issued by the Registry Agency. The Notary Public has no obligation to check the honesty of the transaction, he or she only verifies your identity and that you confirm your wish to purchase the property.

Whether the property is encumbered or not can be checked over the internet, or information from the property register can be obtained personally. This information will be up-to-date as at the moment of the transaction.

What do you need to pay in addition to the price of the flat?

The notarial documentation of the transaction, i.e. the transfer of the title from one owner to the other or to several persons, in compliance with the legislation of Bulgaria, is witnessed by the Notary Public of location of the real property. You have to be prepared to incur additional costs in the amount of 4-5 % of the price of the dwelling, entered in the title deed. This sum will include the preparation of the notarial certification of the transaction, the state fees, the Notary Public’s services, but is exclusive of the subsequent declaration of the real property, the preparation of a power of attorney and the translation of the documents or the services of an interpreter, if necessary.

What do notarial fees include and how are they calculated?

The notarial fees are approximately 4%. About 3% are in favour of the state and about 1% - for the Notary Public. All sums are determined based on the declared material interest. The Notary Public calculates his or her fees according to a fixed scale depending on the value of the dwelling.

The amount of the tax on the real property acquisition is determined by each municipality individually, for instance: Varna 2.6%, Nessebar 3%, and Byala 3%.
A receipt for the paid sums is given upon obtaining the title deed.

What can we do if the property is not being constructed?

The deadlines for delivery of the individual stages of the Construction and Assembly Works (CAW) must be constantly monitored for compliance with the preliminary contract. The latter, in case any of the parties commits a breach of any part thereof, stipulates penal sanctions, including contract cancellation and refund of the paid sums, as well as payment of an additional penalty expressed in %.

If you have any suspicions that the construction will not be completed or that its performance does not go in compliance with the agreed planned schedule, you should turn to a lawyer and seek legal counsel.   

Who is liable in case a real property is found to be encumbered?

If you want to approach the purchase of the real property carefully, it is good to refer to a lawyer or a law specialist, who can make the inquiry at the respective institutions and check whether the property on sale is encumbered in any way.

All transactions need to be carried out through our company, so that we could exercise control on the condition of the matters even before the purchase.

Put your questions to the specialist!

Should you have any questions or need additional information regarding real properties in Bulgaria and the obtaining of a residence permit, complete the contact form and one of our employees will contact you.

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