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Acquisition of real property in Bulgaria. What should we know?

You wish to purchase a real property in Bulgaria? You have even decided what and where to buy? Then you can proceed with the next and most important question – How will you buy a real property in Bulgaria?

At this stage, potential buyers should seek the services of specialists and lawyers, who will guide the process of the purchase in the right direction, draw up correctly the contract for purchase and sale and avoid being deceived.

The following operations are carried out during the conclusion of the transaction for purchase and sale of a real property:


  • verification of the seller’s and the developer’s identity;
  • verification of the lack of limitations on the title transfer, for example a mortgage or a debt exceeding the sale price;
  • verification of the availability of normative documents (Act forms 14, 15, 16), which ensure control over the conformity with all requirements at the different stages of construction;
  • company registration (a company is necessary in the event of purchase of a separate land plot or a house with adjacent land plot);
  • notarial certification of the transaction;
  • payment of notarial fees, local and state taxes and charges;
  • registration of the real property with the tax and administrative authorities;
  • BULSTAT registration


Each of these stages of purchase and sale is very important and in the event you fail to pay attention to it or are not sufficiently familiar with the Bulgarian legislation, you can easily be misled and deceived. 

You need to know that the Notary Public who certifies the transaction is not obliged to act in your best interest or protect you. That is why you need to use the services of a good lawyer, who has mastered all subtleties of the purchase and sale of real properties in Bulgaria. This is the best guarantee that you will unproblematically become a legitimate owner of the real property desired by you. 

In addition to the idea for purchase of real property abroad, a number of questions inevitably arise in the potential buyers, related to the further use of the property. What taxes need to be paid, how to organise the security and insurance of the property, whose help to seek for the repairs and furnishing of the flat or the house. Clients planning to move permanently to Bulgaria are interested in the prices of the goods and services and the utility services in Bulgaria; how to receive medical treatment here; where the best children’s educational establishment is; or how to buy a car. 

That is exactly why we offer you a full complex of services:

  • consultation on matters regarding acquisition, registration, use and taxation of real properties in Bulgaria;
  • legal support in all stages of the purchase of real property;
  • starting a Bulgarian company on behalf of the client and opening bank accounts of a legal entity;
  • verification of the legally good standing of the real property;
  • booking of a real property;
  • signing a preliminary contract for purchase of a real property;
  • opening accounts on behalf of the person at Bulgarian banks, notification of receipt of money transfers and payments for the real property;
  • organisation and signing a final contract for purchase and sale of the real property, witnessed by a Notary Public;
  • obtaining a number for payment of taxes from the statistics service;
  • registration of the purchased real property with the tax authorities and with the cadastre of real properties;
  • payment of tax on the real property;
  • insurance of the real property;
  • consultation for obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria;

Present yourselves with a quick and problem-free acquisition of real property, and together with that a calm and pleasant life in one of the sunniest and most comfortable to live in European countries.


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