Special features of real properties in Bulgaria

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Special features of real properties in Bulgaria

Normally, in Bulgaria buildings have monolithic reinforced concrete support structure. The exterior and interior partition walls of the buildings are built from bricks or aerated autoclaved concrete blocks. In some cases, the interior partition walls are built from plasterboard, and the inside of the wall is tightly filled with mineral wool. The warm climate (along the seaside coast during the winter the temperature drops below -5 degrees Celsius) allows the building of walls from single bricks. The construction uses Bulgarian, Greek or Italian-produced bricks.
On the outside the building is insulated using expanded polystyrene blocks, on which reinforcement mesh is laid, after which the walls are plastered, painted or panelled with wood and/or stone. The roof is normally covered with tiles.
The interior walls and the ceiling are lined with drywall panels and the joints between the panels are taped and finished. Sometimes plastering is applied directly on the walls. After that, the walls are painted or decorative facings and wall coverings are used (cork, liquid wallpaper, etc.).
The window framework is usually PVC (double glazed) or, albeit rare, wooden double glazed windows. The floor is covered with terracotta tiles or laminated flooring. Natural parquetry is less frequently used.
Bathrooms are tiled with faience tiles and delivered with installed sanitary equipment, a shower or a shower stall. Bathtubs are installed comparatively seldom; they are not typical of dwellings in Bulgaria. Interior doors are made from MDF. The front door is sometimes armoured. The wiring is normally carried out to a “turnkey” stage: with installed electrical sockets, switches and luminaries.
Central supply of heated water is available only in some of the bigger cities. To provide warm and hot water, in every bathroom there is a hot water boiler installed. Centralized heating is also typical of the bigger cities. To heat the dwelling, every room has an air conditioner, or electrical convection heaters can be used. Every flat has an intercom system, and there are cables installed for telephone and cable TV.

Construction works in the resort areas are prohibited in the period from 15 May to 15 October every year. The buildings are erected comparatively fast. For instance, a five-storey building comprising 20 flats is completed up to “turnkey” within 9-10 months. During construction, buyer may introduce modifications in the floor plan and choose the materials for the finishing works.
Typical of the floor plans of the properties in Bulgaria are the large balconies (at the seaside they exceed 3 m2), small bedrooms (9-15 m2) and the lack of a separate kitchen (normally it is part of the living room area).

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