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Useful information about Bulgaria

The Republic of Bulgaria is a rather singular, enigmatic and attractive European country with rich history, traditions and numberless opportunities for recreation and holidays. This amazing country conquers the hearts of all who have been here at least once. The tourists return repeatedly to immerse in the sea of various entertainments, excursions, hikes, tours, etc.
The customs in Bulgaria, the character of its citizens, their language and mentality are similar to those of all Slavs. People here are communicative, merry and hard-working. The way the Bulgarians know and cherish their history and traditions makes a pleasant impression.

The country is situated on the Balkan Peninsula, in Southeastern Europe. In the North it borders on Romania, in the South – on Turkey and Greece, and in the West – on Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Bulgaria’s geographic location is very favourable, and especially important is its outlet on the Black Sea. The territory of Bulgaria is 110,912 km2. One of its peculiarities is its relief. In its better part it is mountainous or rolling. The Balkan Mountains cross Bulgaria in a longitudinal manner from the Southwest, as far as the Black Sea, and forms an original divide between the Danube River and the Aegean Sea.

Bulgaria’s population is about 7 million people, and its number is relatively big for the European countries. The Bulgarians constitute about 85%, the Turks – about 10% , and 5% of the population is formed by nationalities such as Armenians, Roma people, Greeks, and Macedonians. The official language is Bulgarian.

As for their religion, the greater part of the Bulgarian population, about 85%, are Greek Orthodox. 13% profess the Islam, and the remaining 2% of the population are Catholics, Protestants and Jews.

The capital of the Republic of Bulgaria – Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The national currency is lev, and the lion is the national symbol of the country, displayed on its coat-of-arms. The standard of living in Bulgaria is not as high as in most developed countries in Europe and that is why the prices of the products, goods and services here are lower than, for example, those in the larger cities in Europe. In Bulgaria there is almost no heavy industry, for which reason the scenery here is conserved in its natural appearance. In addition, the very rhythm of life in Bulgaria is completely different – measured, calm, lacking any vanity and congestions. This is also evidenced by the fact that the average life expectancy in Bulgaria for men is approximately 72 years, and for women – 82. This is a good indicator not only for the countries in Europe, but also in the whole world.

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