We are happy to introduce you apartments in Varna – home in summer capital of Bulgaria

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We are happy to introduce you apartments in Varna – home in summer capital of Bulgaria

Varna HomeHow can you describe your own dream - Varna home?

Bulgarian people and foreign tourists say, that Varna is second capital of this country, but on the southern cost. This is not surprising, because all the richest and most fashionable resort hotels are there. It is situated near the Sunny Beach, Golden Sands resorts and famous st. Constantine and st. Helena resort and spa. If you want to have vacation every year in Varna home is very necessary for you. You can buy flat or house on the cost in 50 meters of all well-known resorts.  It can be said that this city has the most spectacular cost of the Black sea.

What is better to acquire in Varna: home or flat?

Smart people choose for buying those apartments, which can give money in further without special efforts. A big luxury villa is very specific housing and you may not find a landlord for it so fast, how it possible for cute family flat on the cost. Small accommodation is more profitable in service. On the other hand, if want to have comfortable apartment only for your own pleasure here are a lot of propositions. A price begins from €800 for squire meter and goes to infinity, depends on your demand.

The best place for your abroad home Varna

This city has beautiful sea climate, permanent tourists flow year by year. Rapidly developing economy and demography in Varna gives a lot of opportunities for business. Infrastructure for the rest provides holidaymakers different entertainments for any taste. Another point is in availability to travel into Turkey or Greece, which are very close to Bulgaria.  Varna has every year guests from Europe: France, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria and others. Big part of people goes from CIS country, because there is no problem with language.

Among offerings lucrative place for home Varna is on the first place

Because of its beauty and dynamic Varna has everything which is needed for first-class resting.  Blue and pure sea, golden or white sands, ancient buildings in the center – all this you`ll find there and even more. Friendly people, all of them speak in English or French. In Bulgaria is very tasty cuisine, vine and cheese – “serene”. Just imagine your perfect family rest and it will be possible in Varna! Large amount off shops and malls, restaurant and beach bars, parks and night clubs. If you want to purchase apartments in Varna look at our propositions here: www.domaza.co.uk/varna_home/
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