Vehicle purchase and rental in Bulgaria

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Vehicle purchase and rental in Bulgaria

Foreign nationals may acquire a vehicle in Bulgaria only on condition they have registered a legal entity in the country (for the opportunities for starting a company in Bulgaria, please refer to the “Business“ section of our website).


In the event of a purchase of a vehicle on lease, the company needs to have been registered for not less than 2 years, to be active and to have sufficient funds to cover the lease instalments. If you can acquire a vehicle with no need for a loan, in this case the period of company existence is irrelevant and its balance-sheet figures may be zero.


Transfer of ownership


A written contract with notarial verification of the signatures of the parties is concluded in the course of preparation of the transfer of the vehicle ownership. The ownership may be transferred in two ways: through signing a contract for purchase and sale (or exchange) or of a deed of gift. The witnessing of the parties’ signatures can be made by any Notary Public, regardless of their jurisdiction. The seller, in their capacity of owner of the vehicle, shall be of age.

Necessary documents:

1.Contract for purchase and sale of the vehicle;

2.Document certifying the seller’s right of ownership (e.g., contract for transfer of the ownership of the vehicle) and a registration certificate;

3.Certificate of the insured value, issued by an insurance company;

4.Declaration of nationality and marital status. If the sellers are spouses, they submit a joint declaration;

5.Document for paid local tax under art. 44 of the Local Taxes and Fees Act. The submission of the declaration and the tax payment are effected in the territorial tax office of residence/registration of the legal entity. The tax rate is 2% of the insured value of the vehicle. Normally, the buyer pays the tax;

6.Document for paid by the seller annual tax for the vehicle up to the moment of transfer of the ownership pursuant to art. 52 of the Local Taxes and Fees Act;

7. In the event a legal entity is party to the transaction – certificate of good standing and a court decision for registration.

The notarial fees are paid in compliance with subpara. 8 and subpara. 11 of the Notaries Public and Notarial Practice Act.
The following need to be done after the transfer of the vehicle:

- submission of a copy of the contract for purchase and sale to the registry office of residence within two months for the purposes of obtaining a new certificate of registration;

- payment of the tax for the vehicle and submission of a tax return under art. 54 of the Local Taxes and Fees Act to the territorial tax directorate of residence or registered address of the legal entity within two months from the vehicle acquisition.

Vehicle registration
List of the necessary documents for vehicle registration:

1.Registration application; for a legal entity – signed and sealed with the company seal and a copy of the Bulstat card from both sides;

2.Inspection sticker for passed technical inspection of the vehicle;

3.Ownership document: customs declaration – 2 copies; invoice and contract for purchase and sale from the importing company – 2 copies;

4.Receipt for paid state tax for the vehicle;

5.“Third party liability” insurance;

6.In the event of registration of the vehicle on behalf of a legal entity, it is necessary to submit a court decision on the company registration, as well as the original and a copy of the power of attorney by the company (bearing a seal and ref. number); in case the document is submitted by the founder, they will need to show their passport.


Our lawyers are ready to assist you both in starting the company and in the subsequent vehicle registration. Should you have any questions, write to us and we will explain everything to you!


Renting a vehicle in Bulgaria is practically not very difficult. You need to be a holder of a driving licence with at least 3 years of driving experience. The average rental for a middle-class vehicle is about EUR 20-25 per day. The longer the period of vehicle rental, the lower the rental cost per day.


We will offer you the best bargains. Our associates will help you in the choice and preparation of the documents.

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