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Where to buy real estate

Based on our experience and that of our partners from the sales in 2010, we have selected the most popular resorts on the Bulgarian coastline.


The largest resort complex in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach – is the top seller of real properties: one fifth of all sales along the coast are concluded here. This resort is preferred by the lovers of the active and youth-type tourism; the conditions here are also favourable for a holiday with children (shallow sea and all sorts of entertainments); due to the intensive development over the recent years the prices here are some of the lowest.
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Located in the foothills of a mountain, the resort St. Vlas is also becoming increasingly popular with buyers. They choose it both for holiday and for permanent residence. The resort is also famous for its unique healthy air – a combination of mountain and sea air. According to the results for 2010, 15% of the sales of the total number of transactions on the coastline were realised here. The buyers are showing increasingly bigger interest in the neighbouring resort complex Elenite, located in a secluded place on a mountain slope.
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Old Nessebar – this is the main landmark of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. To the north the town has almost merged with the resort Sunny Beach, and to the south – with the small town of Ravda, where new construction is more actively developing. In the first place, Nessebar attracts buyers with its history and traditional architecture. In addition, the town is also suitable for permanent residence. 16% of the total number of sales along the coast in 2010 were concluded here.
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The towns Byala and Obzor have been present on the real property market in Bulgaria for a short time. Until recently small towns, they gradually provoked buyers’ interest. 13% of the total number of sales along the coast in 2010 were registered here. The reason for that is the lack of mass tourism, the preserved clean natural beaches and the low prices of goods and services, intended for the local population. What is more, the prices of the real properties have remained rather affordable so far!
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As mentioned earlier, the real properties in Varna are popular, especially with those planning to stay here permanently or rent them out all year round. The resort Ss. Constantine and Helena (the oldest one in Bulgaria) also remains one of the buyers’ favourite places – due to its proximity to Varna it is suitable for year-round residence, and the hot mineral springs make it a year-round destination for health tourism. This region is also among the top selling ones – 14% of the total number of sales along the coast.
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Increasing interest is also observed in the ancient town of Sozopol, which just like Nessebar has a rich historical past and heritage. Moreover, it is located in the south (where the summer season is longer by 2 weeks on average), and is surrounded by natural parks and clean beaches. 11% of the transactions out of the total number of sales have been performed here.
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Also stable is buyers’ interest in the resort Golden Sands. Located in the territory of a natural park, it is considered one of the greenest and most prestigious places for recreation. In addition, it is also one of the most profitable regions for investments in real properties and subsequent renting.
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Some of our clients show preference for other small towns, suitable for quiet recreation and residence. These are Balchik, Pomorie, Aheloy, Primorsko, Tsarevo, Kiten and other regions.
You can be sure that whatever you may seek, whatever budget you may have planned for the purchase, the Bulgarian Black Sea coast will always offer the right property for you in the right region!
Just seek the assistance of our specialists and they will give you professional advice!

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