Borovets properties in the biggest ski resort in Bulgaria

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Borovets properties in the biggest ski resort in Bulgaria

Borovets propertiesBuying Borovets properties can be a promising investment

Tracks of varying degrees of difficulty are suitable for skiers of all categories - from beginners to masters. The ski school is one of the most renovated in Europe. Ski season from November to May with a stable snow cover. Borovets is a resort where you can actively engage in sports, entertain yourself, and also enjoy silence and natural beauties. The oldest ski resort in Bulgaria Borovets is not very well known to Russian tourists; however, buying a home here can be a promising investment. This is facilitated by a combination of factors such as the ban on construction in the National Park, which borders Borovets, ambitious plans for the development of the resort - and Borovets properties prices that have fallen during the crisis.

There is no upper price limit for Borovets properties

Borovets offers its guests pleasant hours in restaurants, nightly entertainment, bars and discos. An exceptional impression will be left to you in the evening of Bulgarian folklore. The real holidays for guests of the resort are the ski carnivals "Descent with torches" (night skiing) and skiing evenings with the awarding of diplomas, which will remain in your memory for a long time. Apartments with 1-2 bedrooms will cost € 25,000- € 100,000, and there is no upper price limit for the apartments. There are also exclusive options for € 200,000, which is quite expensive for a ski resort in Bulgaria.

Property in Borovets - for lovers of mountains, forests, for those who are not indifferent to an active lifestyle

For lovers of night-time entertainment in Borovets will not be bored. There are also entertainments in Borovets for young guests as well. Many tourists are pleased to attend Bulgarian folklore evenings, where they are completely immersed in the atmosphere of folk life and try traditional dishes of local cuisine. Property in Borovets - for lovers of mountains, forests, for those who are not indifferent to an active lifestyle. If you do not have available funds right now, then there are a large number of options that will greatly facilitate your investment. Most often, 100% payment of real estate is made in the period from one month to six months.

When choosing properties in Borovets, it is necessary first to determine the purpose of acquiring the property

Breathe in the clear mountain air, indulge in a complete relaxation in the cosmic silence, enjoy the amazing Bulgarian hospitality and very good cuisine in local restaurants and restaurants - everything is simple, without ambition and cozy, at home. When choosing a property, it is necessary first to determine the purpose of acquiring the property: personal use or investing in housing for the purpose of subsequent leasing. Select you apartment here:
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