Registering business companies in Bulgaria

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Registering business companies in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria there exist various legal forms of business. The most common among them are as follows:


ST – sole trader  

CP – collective partnership  

LP – limited partnership 

Ltd. – limited liability company  

SMLLC – single-member limited liability company  

JSC – joint-stock company  

LJSC – limited partnership with shares  
If you plan to start a company in Bulgaria, first you need to choose its legal form.
The criteria for choosing the right legal form include:

- legal content, especially with reference to liability;

- type of management;

- share of profits or losses;

- funding capacity;

- tax liabilities;

- costs related the legal form (upon registration, capital increase, accounting costs upon certification and disclosure of the financial statements).

Each of these forms has its advantages and disadvantages. Whichever of them matches your purposes the most will depend on the specific case. In the choice of legal form you are advised to consult our lawyers – they will advise you of the most optimal variant for you.
The most common forms are: Ltd. and SMLLC.
Ltd. (limited liability company) is established by two or more persons.
SMLLC – by one person. The minimum amount of the registered (share) capital in both cases is 2 BGN (= 1 Euro).
The procedure for starting a legal person with any of these legal forms in Bulgaria takes about two weeks.  
The registration requires:

  • Copy of the international passport of the founder (or co-founder of the company)
  • Name of the company (unique company name)
  • Headquarters and registered address of the company
  • Minimum share capital in the amount of 2 BGN (1 Euro). In case a larger amount is contributed, it can be used after the company registration.

The basic company documents are:

  • Decision of the body performing the registration
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Management agreement
  • others, some of which are to be signed in the presence of a Notary Public.

Owners of companies in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria have the right to a one–year multiple-entry visa.
The services for starting a company in Bulgaria are provided by our lawyers. Our accounting department could also assist you in keeping the accounts of your company in the future.  

For a more detailed consultation by our specialists on any matters related to starting a company, you may complete an application form and we will contact you at a time convenient to you and will answer your questions.  

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