To live the dream, buy property in Byala.

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To live the dream, buy property in Byala.

Property in ByalaTo buy or not to buy property in Byala.

The answer for sure is to buy. Byala is a small but marvellous Bulgarian town situated in one-hour drive distance from the nearest airport in Burgas. The main attraction of Byala is the unspoiled sunny coast of the Black Sea. Here, green forests, clean water and fresh sea breathe create an unforgettable atmosphere of peace and give you a perfect break from urban stresses and annoying rush hours. The 14 km of sea line includes many remote bays and sandy dunes. It is a perfect way to escape from crowds of tourists and stay alone with nature as long as you want. No time to wait, just buy property in Byala.

I decided to buy Byala property. What’s next?

Now you have to choose what suits your taste and pocket most of all. An apartment at the seaside would cost you from €20 000. The best thing about Byala is that you can not only live here but start your own business as well. The prices for hotels and guesthouses very from €25 000 to €100 000. There are no more than 15 open hotels in this area so far and with every coming year, the number of tourists increases, so the business promises to be profitable. There is no time to think, it is time to buy property in Byala. 

What is your day like if you buy Byala properties?

It is lovely in any possible way. Byala is a perfect place to rest if you are tired of big crowds and noisy city neighbours. In this picturesque town, you can entertain yourself with horse riding, water skiing, wind surfing and even safari. There is a small seaport for yachts and boats at the seaside and a yachting school, so you are also welcome to learn how to sail and to catch some fishes. If you are a wine lover, Byala will pleasantly surprise you with its local sort of odorous wine Diamit.

Health benefits is you buy properties in Byala

It can heal both your soul and your lungs. It is believed that air in Byala helps people to recover from illnesses of respiratory passages, asthma and improves the general condition of those who have any kind of allergy. Why so? This region has never had any industrial production, so you probably won’t find the air cleaner along the whole Black Sea coast. Moreover, you can taste fresh fruits and vegetable from the local market and feel how vitamins fuel your body with natural energy. If you need any assistance to choose the house in Byala that will bring you joy and health, please visit our website and make your dream come true:
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