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Sunny Beach PropertiesThings you need to know about the resort before getting Sunny Beach properties

Sunny Beach Resort is located in a beautiful bay in the form of a semicircle, facing the East.The construction of the resort began in 1959, its modernization continues to this day. This provides an excellent choice of property in Sunny Beach. The spacious beach strip (its length is more than 6 km and its width is up to 150 m), fine golden sand, picturesque dunes, gentle descent of the seabed - all this makes Sunny Beach a preferred destination for tourists from many countries. If you are willing to live in this beautiful bay, you should definitely think about purchasing Sunny Beach properties.

Top reasons why you should purchase Sunny Beach properties

Sunny Beach is a resort of world significance and is characterized by its location in a clean environment. A few years ago it received the Blue Flag, which is a quality mark that is issued by the European Commission responsible for the environment.Certification for the Blue Flag resorts are held annually, but only those, whose beaches and water are flawless, can receive a reward.The receipt of the prestigious certificate had an impact on the increase in property prices in Sunny Beach.

Specificity of property in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach can easily be called the most popular resort in Bulgaria, while property prices here are quite low. Every year tens of thousands of tourists come to the beaches of Sunny Beach, while many of them do not even book a hotel or rent an apartment. The fact is that it is easier to buy an apartment on the warm shores of the Black Sea for the sake of vacation in a favorite place, so prices allow it to be done for almost everyone.

Price ranges for properties in Sunny Beach

The cost of real estate starts from € 20-25 thousand, which is actually inexpensive by Bulgarian standards. With a budget of € 35-50 thousand you can buy real estate suitable for family living or for renting.For € 60-80 thousand you can find excellent options for recreation: with a swimming pool, near the sea, surrounded by the necessary infrastructure. If you are willing to have your own housing in Sunny Beach, check the following link:
TOP Properties
City / Community: Sunny Beach

from $43 925
City / Community: Sunny Beach

Available apartments: 1

from $51 472
City / Community: Sveti Vlas resort

Available apartments: 1

from $156 142
City / Community: Bliznaci village

Available apartments: 12

from $83 424
to $190 270
City / Community: Byala city

from $24 243
City / Community: Elenite resort

Available apartments: 8

from $29 790
to $58 882
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